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Entry Frequency: Once
Ends On : Ongoing

$1000 gift card, Ipad giveaway is giving away prizes no bidding necessary just sign up for their news letter.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : November 1, 2011

Win an Alienware Laptop
Sign up here for your chance to win an Alienware M11X laptop plus other weekly prizes.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : October 3, 2011

Win SkullCandy headphones
Dr. Pepper is giving away sets of customized headphones.
The link to the entry form is at the bottom of the page.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : September 30, 2011

Win a luxury sound system
Heineken will be giving 4 winner a luxury sound system, plus 200 runner up prizes.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On: September 15, 2011

Yahoo Sweepstakes
Yahoo is giving away a Tablet PC, a Smart Phone & Cash.


Entry Frequency: Weekly
Ends On : September 30, 2011

Mike & Ike's instant win game
Mike & Ike is having an instant win game, over 1,000 prizes to be given away. Register to and enter to win.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : July 28, 2011

Win a Cisco Flip Camera
Playtex is giving away Flip Cameras, enter this free sweepstakes here.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : August 31, 2011

Free Ipad Giveaway
This free sweepstakes if giving away 25 Ipads and 800 walgreens gift cards.  You have to click request a free code in order to get a free entry. Its right below the first entry box.

stratocaster guitar

Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : July 31, 2011

Tons of different prizes given by Schick
Shicks' play it smooth sweepstake is going to be giving away tons of pizes, over 400 winners! Top prize is a Fender Stratocaster Guitar.

lucky magazine log

Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : ongoing

Luck Magazine Daily Giveaway
Every day Lucky Magazine is givingaway a different prize. Signup today for a chance to win today's prize.

Will look like:

free sweepstakes


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