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Limited time, open to all women.

Free Curves Trial
Get a free trial week at Curves, fitness centers for women. Lots of locations nationwide. (U.S.)

Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : Last day of the month

Win a Target Gift Card
Win $1500 Gift card to Target, presented by

A new drawing every month

Entry Frequency: Once
Ends On : November 20, 2011

Win $5000 or a Kitchen playset
Have a good story about your kids imagination enter it here and get you chance at some cash

Entry Frequency: 20 Entries
Ends On : December 21, 2011

Win a Disney Movie Trip
Win this free sweepstakes and you will get to tour the Disney studios.


Entry Frequency: Once
Ends On : January 2, 2012

Win a 2011 Dodge Durango
Here is a great chance to win an SUV in this free sweepstakes. Lots of runner ups win free tires.


Entry Frequency: Daily
Ends On : September 30, 2011

Dove Visible Care Giveaway
Dove is giving away coupons for VisibleCare so that you can love the skin your in. Enter this free sweepstakes here.

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free sweepstakes


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